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August 18, 2022

Hazami Barmada

Director / Lead

Say “Hi” to Our Mentors and Technical Experts!

In our effort to support communities working to close the digital divide on both national and regional scales, the Digital Equity Accelerator relies on a diverse network of industry leaders, who help our cohort further unlock their potential for impact.

The “digital divide” refers to the gap between those who have access to affordable and reliable internet and technology and those who do not. Providing marginalized communities with equitable access is critical, as the digital divide is linked to poor social outcomes, low literacy and income levels, fewer job opportunities, and lower educational outcomes. Notably, it also exacerbates existing racial and social inequities.

Our aim might be lofty, but our approach is simple – advance digital equity by helping local nonprofits scale projects promoting education, healthcare, and economic opportunity through digital innovation. We provide a robust 4-month program where cohort members receive training in a diverse array of topics: leadership models, diversification of revenue streams, sales persona development, user experience, product development, metrics and evaluation, marketing and branding, and organizational management. They also learn from business leaders and receive 1-on-1 guidance – in addition to funding support and technology access.

Achieving our goals requires engaging leaders from around the world with specialties in everything from building social impact startups to reimagining the nonprofit sector. This network includes our Advisory Council, which provides strategic guidance on the Accelerator’s mission as well as opportunities for our cohort members to continue growing their projects, even beyond their time with us.

It also includes two additional groups of leaders, who offer advice, professional guidance, feedback, and collaborative learning: Mentors and Technical Experts. These brilliant individuals have been working behind the scenes to make this program a success, and we’re excited to introduce you to them. Mentors – matched 1-on-1 with cohort members – serve as the primary touchpoint for advice on a variety of topics covered by the Accelerator, and they support mentees in preparing, presenting, and fine-tuning their digital equity project solutions. Technical Experts act as consultants, offering the cohort advice based on their specific professional experience.

Check out the folks lending their knowledge to the Accelerator in these roles, and join us in offering everyone a warm “hello”!

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