Aspen Digital

The Digital Equity Accelerator’s New Advisory Council

May 4, 2022

Zaki Barzinji

Senior Director
Meet the Brain Trust for Advancing Equity

As we prepare to welcome the Digital Equity Accelerator’s first-ever cohort, we are thrilled to introduce a phenomenal group of leaders who will serve as our inaugural Advisory Council. The Accelerator will provide hands-on support to global communities as they solve critical digital equity challenges, and our diverse Council brings a wide range of experiences to help ensure we’re centering on and serving those most impacted. All of our advisors are at the forefront of advancing equity in education, healthcare, and economic opportunity across the digital space – I’m excited to introduce them today!

Meet the Advisors

The Advisory Council will support the Accelerator in its pilot year as we assemble our first cohort of nonprofits from the United States, India, and Morocco, providing knowledge on equity issues of digital inclusion facing our target communities, as well as mobilizing their deep and broad networks. They will offer guidance on assembling the most representative cohort possible, support an inclusive program design, and help us learn and grow after our pilot is in the books. We’re bringing on even more thought leaders by also engaging the consulting firm Blue Sky Partners, who will support curriculum development, mentor management, and impact measurement for the Accelerator. They have designed and run a number of social impact accelerators, including with the City of Austin and Trinity University.

We’re eager for what’s to come. Stay tuned for other announcements we’ll be making later this spring!